Healthy Learning Environments: Ensuring Sanitary Wash Facilities for Schools

Clean and well-maintained facilities contribute to the capacity of a school to foster conducive learning environments for its students. One of the most significant areas to watch out for is the restroom. Any school administration must make a concerted effort to include restroom sanitation and hygiene in their health and safety management plan, ensuring that students are free from potentially harmful environments.

Common Issues with Restrooms and Wash Areas

The Ministry of Education’s Reference Designs for School Buildings in New Zealand indicates that toilets in schools must be available for use during school hours and evenly dispersed throughout the facility. These operational considerations ensure complete accessibility for persons within the premises. However, due to its design and capacity, restrooms experience a high amount of foot traffic daily. This constant activity can lead to water spillage, dirt from footwear and other unhygienic situations.

Failure to clean these restrooms can lead to safety hazards. Water puddles, for example, can lead to slips and trips for students. When left stagnant, they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and bacteria. A build-up of dirt and other substances can lead to unpleasant odours in the restroom area, possibly causing headaches, nausea and irritation for students.

Detrimental Effects on Students

Health risks are the primary causes for concern when dealing with unsanitary wash facilities If students get sick, they can suffer difficulties such as a lack of focus during lessons or problems such as prolonged absences. In some cases, because restrooms are for public use, these washrooms can lead to viral infections that affect a significant part of the school population.

Aside from health concerns, dirty wash facilities can also affect the morale of students as this sends them the message that the administration does not care. Attending a school that does not prioritise hygiene and cleanliness can lead students to dislike the school premises and misuse its facilities. The presence of graffiti on wash facilities’ cubicle walls, for example, encourages more students to vandalise the walls.

Best Practices and Measures for Cleanliness

Achieving healthy learning environments begins with having the proper facility design and equipment, taking into account factors like water flow, lighting and ventilation. For example, part of the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for design includes the need for wall partitions with finishes that are waterproof and graffiti-resistant, ensuring that the areas are convenient to clean and maintain.

After obtaining the proper facility, schools must then implement a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance plan for their wash areas. These solutions include measures such as plumbing check-up, monthly monitoring and renovations. Upon satisfaction of these conditions, restrooms can become proper support facilities instead of potential health hazards.

Leaders in Commercial Restroom Solutions

At Duraplan, we provide commercial restroom solutions for clients in New Zealand. We create our products with quality and innovation in mind, offering highly durable partitioning panels for toilet cubicles, shower rooms and changing areas. Our other products include cabinets, washroom lockers, restroom fixtures and changing room benches. Aside from educational facilities, we also address the concerns of clinics, hospitals and offices. For large-scale projects, we offer custom restroom fit-outs that can accommodate your specific needs and design preferences. With Duraplan, you can help contribute to better offices and schools.

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How Bathrooms Make or Break Businesses


Cleanliness has a very powerful impact on commercial establishments. How you maintain your premises can attract or repel customers. It is understandable that you, as a business owner, can get carried away by the heavier matters of running a business; you end up placing less importance on small details, such as your office’s restroom maintenance.

You Can Risk Losing Your Customers

An untidy, foul-smelling restroom may not only turn off your customers but actually keep them from coming back and doing business with you. One study from Cintas, a US-based company that provides specialised commercial services, found that a majority of customers will avoid returning to a business with a dirty restroom.

In restaurant settings, customers who have an unpleasant restroom experience will complain to the manager, tell their friends about their experience, post about it online, and will likely never return.

Apart from the general unkemptness of the restroom, customers also dislike other discomforts such as empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers, clogged or unflushed toilets, doors that do not lock and the lack of soap and water.

Growing Your Business with a Clean Restroom

Although it sounds far-fetched, the cleanliness of the restroom and the entire establishment can significantly influence your business’ growth. A research study from the University of Alberta in Canada explained that humans naturally associate restroom maintenance with the company’s quality of service.

It makes sense to assume that if you dedicate a portion of your business’ daily routine to the regular maintenance of your restroom, people will believe that you put the same amount of care and effort to customer care and service. Businesses with clean restrooms are more likely to bring positive customer reinforcement and drive more sales, which is why having a clean and pleasant restroom can definitely give you a competitive edge.

A Competitive Edge with Innovative Bathroom Solutions

Make your commercial bathroom clean and presentable with impressive bathroom wall partitions and panels from Duraplan.

Our very own DuraLam Wall Panelling system has a proven track record of excellence. Made from thermosetting resins and homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres, our bathroom wall system provides a durable, self-supporting structure.

Our wall panel system has high resistance to scratches, stains, moisture and graffiti, which allows you easy and effortless maintenance.

A Leader in Commercial Restroom Solutions

Duraplan has been a leader in providing innovative commercial restroom solutions for the education, corporate and healthcare sectors. Apart from durable wall panels, we also supply and install changing room cubicles, bench seating and charming bathroom vanities. We offer a complete commercial restroom fit-out that equips your property with sleek designs and high-quality materials.

We work closely with our clients so we can provide you with solutions that fit your specific requirements and specifications. From giving you the best advice to providing you with aftersales assistance, we work with you at every step of the way.

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Understanding Compact Laminate for Commercial Use

Installing partitions is the solution for privacy in commercial bathrooms. Bathroom enclosures surround toilets and function as barriers between two separate stalls providing privacy. However, the daily demands of such frequented facilities can easily compromise the durability of the partitions used for toilets or showers. Faulty or worn out cubicle partitioning can become major inconveniences for communal bathrooms.

For durable partitions in commercial W.C.s or shower cubicles, they must be made from quality material. Bathroom partitions are subject to damage over time, especially when they are installed in high use environments. Identifying which material to use not only allows you to visualise what the finish look will be, but will also provide much greater certainty around how long to expect the partitions to last for.

Here is a guide to why compact laminate panels are a great choice for toilet cubicles and shower partitions.


Compact laminate panels are made from several layers of kraft paper which are coated in a resin and then bound together through extreme pressure and heat (polymerisation). Once the layers are dry, the result is a solid phenolic core, which is remarkably strong and is often referred to as ‘bullet proof’.

Compact laminate is also durable and water-resistant, making it the best option for bathroom partitions. You’ll see them in high traffic places like restaurants, sports venues, military facilities and community centres.

Strong and simple

Projects which opt for using the compact laminate panels for their toilet and shower partitioning requirements have a much greater chance of lasting longer than if certain other materials are used. The test of time has proven that compact laminate panels by far outstrip any other similar materials for such applications.

compact laminate by Duraplan

Unlike most other options, which may require special treatment or chemicals to treat it once in a while, compact laminate needs no maintenance. Nor will you need any special type of chemical to keep it clean. You just clean them with a wipe and basic cleaning liquid when you need to.

Clean and Clear

Vandalism is something which, unfortunately, commercial building owners must take into consideration. Cutting down on acts of vandalism is a challenge for any establishment. However, the difficulties of cleaning or restoring a space is made easier when you use compact laminate panels.

Duraplan compact laminate panels are nonporous and are also resistant to microbes, meaning it’s the perfect material to use in places that are wet and/or always prone to high humidity. They are also strongly resistant to graffiti because of their smooth surface. And if someone does vandalise the partitions, they are extremely easy to clean. Not only does this make them ideal for partitions and shower partitions, but also kitchens, laboratory benches and much more.

Highly customisable

Compact laminate partitions are designed with flexibility in mind. Unlike wood or stainless steel, you can easily alter the appearance of compact laminate with minimal work disruption needed.

At DuraPlan, we offer compact laminate partitions in a wide range of colour options so, right off the bat, you can choose ones that fit the overarching theme or aesthetic of your commercial bathroom. We also customise the height of the panels so that they can fit any space, whether it’s a small bathroom or a large, communal one.

Choosing the right make

It’s important to bear in mind that not all solid phenolics are of the same quality. Some variants of compact laminate panels are either too brittle from too much heat or too soft due to a lack of resin. What you want is the perfect firmness and texture so that it lasts a long time.

The DuraPlan bathroom and toilet partitions are made to the highest quality where they meet and exceed the most demanding testing standards in the industry—including the latest ESN:438 testing. We perform quality checks on the compact laminate as well as on our partitions before we supply them. Furthermore, our team can ensure you receive the best service from creation to installation, giving you peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.


DuraPlan is a partitioning manufacturer you can trust. With us, you can expect a comprehensive range of commercial restroom solutions – choose one that fits your needs best.

Our selection includes:

  • Classic Range – strong, robust and multifunctional cubicles with a classic design
  • Urban Flush Front Range – premium quality bathroom partitioning with a sleek flush fronted facade
  • City Trim Range – lends a premium and minimalist look to top-of-the-range bathroom facilities
  • City Trim Kindy Range – reduced height version of the City Trim Range; designed for kindergartens, primary schools and youth centres.
  • Altitude Range – high-quality floor-to-ceiling partitioning made for complete privacy
  • Senator Range – utilises features from all the other selections but with a more robust finish and a finger aesthetic; commonly used in top-end restroom facilities

We have an experienced team of specialists who can assist you with all your toilet and cubicle partitioning, wall paneling, bench seating, vanity and locker requirements. We have worked with architects, designers, contractors and builders throughout New Zealand, supplying them with the highest quality products for projects across all industries.

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Essential Features of a Workplace Bathroom for a Comfortable Experience

The humble bathroom is often taken for granted in any commercial building. It’s there, it works, and for many, that’s all there is to it. However, apart from their obvious function, bathrooms also are a place where people can just take a quick break and get away from an intense workspace.

The problem is, some bathrooms can be uncomfortable. This happens when a bathroom lacks some essential features such as good accessibility, functionality and quality. Bathroom designs that effectively incorporate all three characteristics can provide people with a comfortable and pleasant experience. Having multiple toilets with partitions is fair enough but a company bathroom can have so much more.

Learn some bathroom design specifics that can help achieve these three features:


No domestic buildings usually have more than one bathroom. This is to accommodate the number of people who will need to use the bathroom on any given day. Ideally, bathrooms must be accessible to more than one person, a necessity for an office or other types of workspace.

It’s becoming frequent for employers to provide showers as well as toilets in their corporate bathrooms and for this, you’ll need shower partitions.

Whether people need to use the shower or the toilet, bathrooms that have cubicle partitioning will be able to accommodate additional amenities. Partitioning will create privacy, allowing more people to use the bathroom. Bathroom wall panels that look appealing will not only provide privacy but can also be robust enough for everyday use.


People go to bathrooms to use the amenities such as toilet, shower, sink and restroom fixtures and water and electric sources. Non-functioning amenities are unusable and unhygienic. This makes a bathroom experience unpleasant.

During the design process of bathrooms, investing in high-quality amenities is an investment. However, the durability of the amenities will save on maintenance and replacement costs. An accessible and functional bathroom in a workplace will increase the productivity of the workforce as there will not be wasted time looking for a bathroom that works and no grumbling that the workplace isn’t as good as it should be.


The quality of bathrooms depends on the type of workplace where it is located. Bathrooms located in public areas or commonly shared places like schools and markets should both be accessible and functional. This is because plenty of people will come to use the bathroom. The vanities do not have to be very stylish, but instead, they should be simple and durable.

Bathrooms located in private areas such as recreational and hospitality establishments should also be accessible and functional. However, since they are places where people may expect more, the bathrooms can be a bit more stylish. This can be achieved by installing dim lighting, plants, art pieces and other decorative materials.

Quality bathrooms are physically appealing, accessible and fully functional. Together, these characteristics create a comfortable bathroom experience.

Duraplan – Your Partner for Comprehensive Restroom Solutions

Duraplan is a leading provider of commercial restroom solutions in New Zealand. We specialise in developing commercial bathrooms for different industry sectors. We take pride in our wide range of durable products and excellent customer service. We prioritise the needs of our clients by maximising the value of our projects from creation to installation.

Our values – creativity, integrity, accountability, sustainability, innovation and success – are integrated into all our partnerships to ensure the success of each project. Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss the project you have in mind.

Are Your Amenities Ready for the Tourism Boom?

Tourism in New Zealand is a thriving industry, with more people visiting us than ever before. In an April 2018 study by Tourism New Zealand, we welcomed 3.6 million visitors from around the world. Most of them came from Australia, China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. From the same study, 49 per cent of prospective visitors said they wanted to visit New Zealand because of the nation’s spectacular landscapes and scenery.

Currently, international tourism contributes $40M to the New Zealand economy daily, and one out of ten jobs is related to the hospitality industry. With the increase in tourism expected to continue, local economies will benefit from the boost.

Your business has a great opportunity to add value to the tourists’ experiences, through hospitality and customer experience. Whether you run a B&B, a local store or produce items for sale, you are helping build a memorable New Zealand experience. The provision of public facilities is another area where improvements help develop a strong tourist infrastructure. Public conveniences are an unglamorous but important part of a tourist-friendly environment.

Unfortunately, these basic items are not always available, so don’t be surprised if you receive a request from a desperate foreigner to use your toilet. If you are from a touristy area, you may want to invest in your bathroom facilities.

The following are examples of how quality toilet and shower facilities can best benefit your business.

A public clamour for privacy

With a greater volume of tourists comes greater demand for public toilets. The Guardian has reported that ‘freedom campers’, or tourists who do not use paid accommodation, make use of public loos to wash themselves, their clothes and their cooking utensils. Freedom campers have resorted to using public parks and residents’ private gardens to relieve themselves. Because of this, local authorities have enforced stringent measures on freedom campers.

Local governments are currently hoping to add more public toilets to be available by the end of 2018 to meet the influx of tourists. With this solution, public facilities will be more conducive to tourists, and residents will have peace of mind. At Duraplan, we provide high-quality toilet partitions that allow for versatility and offer privacy and ease of use.

Checking in on hotels

While visitors to New Zealand are satisfied with their experience overall, poor accommodation is a cause for concern. According to Tourism New Zealand, most tourists were generally dissatisfied with their lodgings, citing cost, lack of free internet and poor facilities.

Duraplan wants to help tourists have a memorable New Zealand experience, including the high standards of basic facilities offered. For them to discover the best in hospitality the hotel and accommodation sector need to provide better washing and toilet facilities. City Trim Range, our top-of-the-range shower partitions, are ideal for hotels and reception amenities.

Roughing it

Many New Zealand visitors backpack through different places in the country. A number of private camping grounds, such as holiday parks, Department of Conservation (DOC) campsites and sites available for freedom camping, are equipped with different facilities for backpackers. Cleanliness and hygiene are a cause for concern, especially in public spaces such as these. Duraplan laminate panels are antibacterial, and our antibacterial compact laminate eliminates the growth of nearly 99 per cent of bacteria. They are also able to withstand impact, moisture, wear and tear and last up to ten years.

Top of the range and economical partitioning systems

Duraplan offers a range of toilet and shower partitions made of quality materials. We provide robust, versatile and durable fixtures for your toilets and restrooms. Contact us at 09 972 7682 for further enquiries.