Integrated Services Panel


Product Description:
Where healthcare & design connect. The Power to Heal.

Integrated Services Panel is a system made from 13mm compact laminate panels, designed to connect and conceal healthcare services at the patient’s location. Being a pre-fabricated system, these service panels speed up patient room downtime, while providing super fast assembly & reconfiguration for adapting to the needs in a rapidly evolving environment. Studies have found that patients recover faster when healthcare facilities are aesthetically pleasing & thoughtfully designed. Integrated Services Panel not only promotes the patient recovery process but provides a flexible and robust material, a balance of style, comfort and top-grade finishing.

Replacing the need for traditional fixed joinery, the wall-mounted system provides services including power and data, lighting, medical gas terminals, communications and more. This system facilitates removable panels allowing the easy of accessibility for any future servicing to the services in the cavity. Also, additional services that maybe required in the future can be added easily without disruption of the wall finishes.