Product Description:

Combining protection with contemporary design

Wall protection

The metallic colours of our DECOSMIC panels, combining protection with contemporary design, embellish your spaces in a stylishly modern way and create a unique look for your establishment.

  • 3 metallic designs to embellish your spaces in an elegant and on-trend way
  • High resistance to impatc and scratches
  • Non-porous 100% antibacterial material to ensure hygiene and an easy maintenance

Technical Description:

  • Model: Decosmic metalfinish protective and covering panel
  • Standard panel dimensions: 3 m x 1.30 m
  • Customised options: cutting, L- or U-bends, thermoforming, chamfer
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Material: through-coloured antibacterial PVC class M1 (Bs2d0)
  • Surface finish: slightly grained
  • Attachment: bonding with SPM acrylic glue or SPM universal adhesive sealant. The panels can be joined with heat-sealable joints or silicone joints with colours matching the range
  • Colours: 3 standard

Select a color

  • 0080 Silver
  • 0081 Copper
  • 0082 Gold


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