DuraPlan is your partner in creating long-lasting bathroom wall solutions. We provide commercial toilet wall panels with excellent mechanical and physical properties giving them the strength they need to withstand rough treatment and maintain their aesthetics. These prefinished bathroom wall panels are backed by a 10-year warranty.

All the products we deliver are accompanied by excellent service and customer care. With years of experience in working with architects, builders, contractors, and construction companies, we understand the requirements integral to individual projects and deliver solutions that meet specific industry standards and expectations. With DuraPanel, your success is our success.

Duralam Wall Panelling

When it comes to bathroom wall solutions, the DuraLam Wall Panelling system has a proven track record of delivering excellence every time. DuraPlan uses 3 and 6mm compact laminate board, which is an innovative and durable decorative bathroom wall lining made from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and is manufactured under high pressure and temperature. As a consequence, these wet wall panels are strong, self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable. Used as commercial bathroom panels, they create walls that are stylish and robust.

Special Features:

  • Extremely scratch, wear, stain, moisture, graffiti and impact resistant.
  • When durability and functionality are a premium, there’s no better selection and the range is backed with a 10 year warranty.
  • The excellent mechanical and physical properties of DuraLam makes it ideal for use in all public and leisure places and for furniture requiring durability in design.
  • A self-supporting wet wall panel that can be used with minimal structural support, providing a clean, uninterrupted, minimal look.
  • The panels are also resistant to disinfectants and cleaning chemicals as well as food juices and dyes, which affect neither the properties nor the appearance.
  • Wide Colour Range
  • Suitable for any demanding environments
  • Available in Suede, Gloss, Anti-Finger Print, Decorative & Write-On Finishes
  • Wide Colour Range – including Solid Colours, Patterns, Decorative and Digital Patterns