Design a High-Quality Locker Room

Changing room lockers are an important feature of sports facilities, community spaces, commercial buildings and education centres all across New Zealand.

It can be quite challenging to design the best locker room for your project, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the space available and user needs, your locker room may look markedly different to others you have seen.

However, there are some constants when designing locker rooms. Locker options and dimensions, materials, colours, maintenance and durability, all come into play when designing your ideal locker room.

In this blog we will take a closer look at these key design features.

Locker Dimensions and Styles

The first job of a good locker room is to keep personal possessions safe by deterring theft. Lockers are chosen to be secure, convenient to use, safe and sanitary. Locker rooms are also expected to be an aesthetically appealing feature in your facility. To achieve all this, locker dimensions and styles need to be carefully considered. Single tier lockers provide the greatest amount of hanging and storage space and are often seen in sports locker rooms where there is a high value placed on uniform and equipment storage. Two, three, four, and five tier lockers gradually reduce in size, allowing you to install more lockers with smaller dimensions. These are commonly seen in educational and public facilities such as schools and libraries, where users may only need to store a few personal items such as bags and books. Finally, Z tier lockers offer an excellent alternative and a “bit of both”. Their Z shape provides clothes hanging space, as well as a compartment for smaller items.

Duraplan lockers can be easily configured to suit your exact space requirements and offer a fresh, modern appearance with maximum safety and security benefits.

Locker Materials and Colours

Locker materials and colours must be able to withstand heavy use and demanding environments such as wet rooms. For this reason, only the highest-grade materials and finishings should be installed, to avoid health and safety risks such as mould and mildew, as well as broken lockers and hardware that could cause injury.

Antibacterial laminate panels are an excellent choice for all environments, as they eliminate the growth of nearly 99% of common forms of bacteria and provide an easy-to-clean surface.

Solid grade laminate doors also come in a wide range of colours, configurations and lock options, built to suit locker room conditions. Ventilation and hanging rod options are frequently added to ensure climate control and convenience, which powder-coated aluminium trims add a professional appearance that is popular with many businesses. At Duraplan, we also round edges for safety and offer a ten-year warranty for panel integrity.

Locker Maintenance and Durability

Ensuring that your lockers are functional, strong and durable is the first step. From there, it’s vital to check that they’re easy to maintain. While a stylish design matters, it’s important not to overlook its user features. Are your lockers suitable for both wet and dry areas? Do they come complete with warranties? Does your supplier-installer offer custom designs and complete peace of mind?

Bathrooms are just about their maintenance as their appeal on day one. Investing in high quality products will ensure your locker room is presentable and functional for years to come. Your lockers nz room should be easy to clean with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. You should also ask questions about how the panels and locker parts are bonded to retain freshness.

Duraplan lockers are strong and durable and ideal for both wet and dry high-use locations, to give you the maximum amount of convenience and product confidence. 

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