Why End of Trip Facilities are Worth Installing in Your Building

End-of-trip facilities have been taking Australian businesses by storm. They’ve become a beneficial utility to a lot of large companies that can promote good health and fitness habits and improve the day-to-day functions and productivity of a workplace. 

The design of these spaces is quite simple and flexible. As with any workspace it can be designed to favour those that will use it, elements like bathroom and shower interior wall panels, cubicles, bench seating, lockers and bike stands can all be added to create a functioning space for your employees. 

What are End-of-Trip Facilities?

End-of-trip facilities are designated places for those who cycle, jog or walk to work or for those who exercise during their lunch breaks. These spaces are a response to the rising number of people who want to use alternative methods of travel, rather than driving or using public transport. They can include features such as secure bicycle parking, lockers nz, showers and change rooms. They’re a great way to promote healthier ways to travel whilst still keeping up appearances and cleanliness in the workplace. 

How Are End-of-Trip Facilities Beneficial To Your Employees and Business?

Boost Marketability of Building

Because of their connection with modern-day office and building standards these spaces are becoming more common in new and old buildings such as apartments, offices, major shopping centres and hospitals. Many older buildings are having these amenities added in them to drastically increase appeal and demand.  

Cuts Costs

Companies and businesses are able to save on many fronts. For instance, the charge for bicycle parking is much lower than the rental for car parking. You also save on maintenance costs if and when they install vertical bicycle racks. 

EoT’s can also decrease the demand for parking spaces that usually is a tricky thing to gain when finding an office building, especially the closer into the city center you go. This means that if you need to relocate that task can become a lot easier, as most buildings are starting to install these spaces. When your employees use sustainable transportation for commuting, you save reimbursing vehicle maintenance charges or conveyance. 


In a time with a greater sense of environmental consciousness and increased awareness, EoT facilities can only be seen as a positive gain for the environment and human health.  

The number of landlords, building owners, and companies designating specific zones for end-of-trip facilities is growing day by day. In turn with this more and more people are choosing zero-carbon ways of transport options over motorised options. So, there are fewer people driving cars or using public transport as their commuting method, and less reliance on our cars, which can be very problematic at times. The favoritism of these alternative transport methods are a great relief for the environment, due to the decrease in the amount of carbon emissions created as individuals are driving or taking public transport into work. 

Employee Health Benefits

One of the most obvious benefits to these EoT spaces is their clean promotion of employees’

health and fitness levels. Through encouraging people to use non-motorized and active modes of transport, it is improving the overall health of a business’s employer, which in turn will affect your staff’s well-being and decrease the sick time taken. 

Improved Productivity

Exercise raises your energy levels, combats stress, battles fatigue and improves general well-being. Which explains the positive effect on the productivity of a business’s employees.

It also creates a space that while promoting fitness, actually shows to its employees that you care about their health and needs when exercising. Taking the steps to create an EoT with a range of facilities shows your employees that you are providing all the equipment they need to exercise and refresh themselves, which in turn allows them to begin their working day with enthusiasm. They develop better professional attitudes, and their morale receives a boost.

Endorsing alternative methods of travel encourages a greater range of positive habits and increases the likelihood of maintaining these practices over the long-term. End-of-trip spaces also create an improved corporate image. To find all the equipment and material your business needs to promote its productivity and appeal visit our website to view our range.