The Advantages of Compact Laminate Panels

Compact laminate is a fantastic material for high-use facilities. Compact laminate is capable of withstanding continuous force, high levels of moisture, tap and shower water pressure, and regular cleaning.

The structural integrity that compact laminate offers means it can be used in bathrooms and shower cubicles NZ-wide without any problems.

DuraPlan offers compact laminate wet-wall panels that are both beautiful in appearance and exceptional in performance.

There are many advantages to compact laminate panels if you’re looking for a strong, self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable bathroom solution.

Read on to learn some of the advantages of DuraPlan’s interior and decorative wall panels nz wide.

Long Wearing and High Strength

Public restrooms are high-use environments that suffer a lot of wear and tear. Contributing factors include door hits/slamming, moisture build up, humidity, water use, soap use, and frequent cleaning.

Bathroom materials need to withstand all of the things and more, which is why compact laminate is so effective. DuraPlan uses 3mm and 6mm compact laminate boards made from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres, manufactured under high pressure.

As a consequence, DuraPlan’s wet wall panels are strong, self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable – perfect for restroom and wet room applications.

Improved Hygiene and Cleaning

Not only are DuraPlan’s wall panels nz extremely scratch, wear, stain, moisture, graffiti and impact-resistant, they’re also resistant to disinfectants and cleaning chemicals as well as food juices and dyes, so they can withstand robust cleaning without breaking down.

With DuraPlan, you can maintain your restroom to the highest hygiene standards without worrying about damaging your restroom’s appearance. In fact, cleaning your DuraPlan compact laminate panels regularly will improve their durability. 

Decorative and Attractive Bathrooms

With suede, gloss, anti-fingerprint, decorative, write-on finishes, and a wide colour range – including solid colours, patterns, decorative and digital patterns – DuraPlan panels can help you achieve a bright, clean, modern restroom look that lasts.

Applications for Compact Laminate

DuraPlan’s compact laminate panels can be used to renovate and protect almost every part of your restroom facility, including: – Toilet partitions
shower lining
– Interior and exterior walls
– Self-supporting walls
– Changing room areas

Inspiring Bathrooms

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