Design Tips for Matching Your Washroom to Your Workplace

When you design your workspace, you likely think about a theme and colour scheme, and are forced to decide whether you wanted a quirky and unique or neat and simple look.

While designing a basic washroom seems like an easy move – designing a washroom that will fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your space will create a sense of organisation and cohesiveness that can uplift the overall feel of your workplace.

Creating a high-quality washroom is made easier with DuraPlan, manufacturing washroom products with high-grade materials that meet New Zealand’s standards of craftsmanship. Before finding the right bathroom vanity NZ wide, you will want to follow the same ideas that you followed when designing your office space to create the perfect workplace washroom.

Keep a Cohesive Colour Scheme

When painting the walls of your bathroom or choosing the shades of panelling or laminate, stick with the same colours that you chose for your office space. If your office space is quite colourful and would make for a busy-looking washroom if you used all the colours. Choose three colours that work nicely together or mix your main feature colour with neutrals.

Choose Patterns with Caution

Loud patterns can clash with the overall style of your workplace, particularly if your office is more minimalist in style. Although it can be tempting to choose an interesting pattern for panelling, paint or laminate, it likely won’t work in a space that has a simple or distinct style. If you do decide to feature a unique pattern in the design of your washroom, make sure that the colours are cohesive with the rest of the office.

Stick with The Theme

Whether you have a modern and minimalist or earthy and bohemian style in your office, you will want to stick with this theme when designing your washroom. For example, if you have a warm, modern style with wooden panelling, there’s no reason that you can’t keep this style going in your washroom! Find some laminate that imitates the appearance of the wooden panelling and make a feature of the room, such as a mirror or the vanity, match with the style of the furniture. For example, if your office chairs have a gold chrome feature, find a golden framed mirror! 

Don’t Forget Decorations!

Do you have plants or posters in your workplace? Adding some to your washroom too will keep the theme going and bring some character and life into the space. Add a small tabletop plant next to the vanity or place posters on the cubicle doors. 


Designing a neat and aesthetically pleasing washroom has never been easier than with DuraPlan. We provide shower cubicles partition, wall panels nz, bench seating nz and laminate in a variety of designs so that you can create the look that you desire. Our vanities are made with high quality materials, suitable for high traffic in an office space. 
Contact us today to get started on designing your washroom!