Guide to Compact Laminate Furniture

Becoming a widely popular material among designers and architects, compact laminate is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Ideal for a range of applications from cubicles to cabinetry furniture, this innovative and versatile material can do it all.  
In this blog, we will delve into what compact laminate is and its benefits, along with DuraPlan compact laminate products for your next project. 

What is Compact Laminate?

Made from a high-pressure solid composite, compact laminate is an innovative material, suitable for a range of applications. 
Extremely durable through its construction, this heavy-duty laminate provides superior resistance to stretching, moisture, impact and stains. 
Made from layers of Kraft materials that are exposed to heat and high pressure, compact laminate undergoes polymerisation which fuses the layers together to create a durable core panel. This then becomes a highly durable form which withstands normal wear and tear and high impact. 
This versatile material can be used across vertical and horizontal applications, making it ideal for everything from cubicles and cabinets as to traditional furniture such as desks, tables, benchtops and more. 

Benefits of Compact Laminate

With an array of benefits, the options are endless with compact laminate. 
Boasting superior impact resistance, compact laminate is strong in nature. This makes it extremely tough and durable, complete with high impact resistant material to EN 438 standards. 
Its versatile nature makes it applicable for a wide range of designs. Compact laminate can be used for everything from cladding to cabinetry. Offering various thicknesses, textures and colours, this material can be applied in many ways in any facility. Hardwearing and non-porous, compact laminate can be specified to any interior and machined to any size or shape. 
Featuring moisture, impact, wear and graffiti resistance, this material is low maintenance and easy to clean. With a durable construction that’s made-to-last, this hygienic material also offers ​​anti-bacterial properties that destroy 99% of all common bacteria. 
Perfectly prefinished, this easy to install laminate takes away the need to worry about finishing details. It also doesn’t require any further painting, sanding, painting or filling following installation – saving costs and labour!

DuraPlan Compact Laminate

 With DuraPlan, your compact laminate panels needs are covered. We are continuously improving our services based on your requirements. 
DuraPlan makes bespoke laminate with our manufacturing process made of varying thickness of between 3-18mm. 

Duracab Cabinetry

Duracab Cabinetry is strong and low-maintenance, complete with self-supporting storage solutions. Perfect for a vast array of uses, like industrial interiors. Duracab is durable with a water-resistant finish, making it ideal for wet areas and high-traffic locations.
In a range of colours and styles, Duracab is perfect for all types of interior applications such as cabinetry, table-tops, study tables, office furniture, counter-tops, and much more.
Complete with 10-year warranty and multiple finishing styles, for all your compact laminate needs, DuraPlan has you covered. Contact us today for more information on how this durable material can assist your establishment.