Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new bathroom or revamping an existing one, choosing the right vanity can be a trying feat. Factoring in materials, uses, technical aspects and aesthetic, your communal area needs to be durable but aesthetically pleasing. People trust DuraPlan for the perfect bathroom vanity NZ wide.


Vanities come in a wide range of materials including laminate, concrete, particle board, plywood or solid wood, MDF and so much more. For commercial bathrooms vanity such as schools, education centres, changing rooms, club rooms, aquatic centres, hotels and the like, your vanity should be made of a durable material. 
Selecting the correct material for your vanity will be crucial in the longevity of its existence. It will also play a big part in managing germs and looking newer for longer. Choosing a laminate construction will ensure your vanity lasts longer than other wooden options. 


Harmful bacteria is invisible to the naked eye and is one of the most important things to remove within communal areas like bathrooms. DuraPlan’s DuraLam range is an antibacterial laminate, eliminating almost 99% of common bacteria, making it the ideal addition to any bathroom. 


Ensuring your vanity suits the rest of your bathroom and establishment is an integral part of your design. 


Offering a clean cut design in solid grade laminate, DuraPlan’s DuraMac offers striking aesthetics to your bathroom. With tailored options, Semi recessed or recessed hand basins or undermount basin options, customised restroom layout and edge detailing if desired, your vanity can be truly personalised.

DuraMac comes in a range of colours including: 

  • 111 Designer White 
  • 49931 Silver 
  • 44754 Cloudy Graphite
  • 149 Sheer 
  • 22099 Charcoal 
  • 259 Green Apple
  • 204 Red Apple 
  • 291 Royal Blue
  • 10175 Maple 
  • 10844 Monnestry Oak 
  • 10243 Straight Grain Wenge
  • 10894 Teak
  • 21069 Classic Grey 
  • 5577 Concrete 
  • 5578 Slate

These colours can even be matched to your cubicles, making for a coordinated design. Perfect suited to blend well into your facility, DuraMac is not only stylish, it offers an array of convenient technical aspects.  

Techs & Specs

Bathrooms are high traffic areas in any facility and a vanity is used often. When you’re choosing your vanity, the durability of the product should be at the forefront of your decision. 


DuraPlan’s DuraMac offers a multitude of benefits including a tough and totally waterproof and graffiti resistant design. Designed for schools, colleges, detention centres, prisons and more, the DuraMac range offers the perfect impact resistant and reliable construction on the market. 


For all your vanity needs, DuraPlan has your business covered. Choosing your next vanity is easy with our wide range of colours, materials and durable designs. Our vanities even come with a 10-year warranty for panel integrity, 2 year warranty for hardware and a 2 year warranty for installation. Contact us today for a quote or more information on building a vanity for your facility.