Spotlight on Wall Panelling

Offering functional and aesthetic benefits, wall panels are the ideal way to enhance your space. Suitable for any home or business, wall panels are available in a range of materials and colours, tailored to any branding or style. Specialising in bathroom builds and renovations, for all your wall panels NZ wide, DuraPlan has you covered. 

What is Wall Panelling?

Wall panels are a product that add style to cover the walls of a building. They can be made from a multitude of materials, including wood, plastic and metal. Primarily used for aesthetic purposes, many wall panelling installations also offer functional benefits.

Wall panels can be installed in:

  • Public Amenities
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Shower Blocks
  • Changing Rooms
  • Schools / Education Centres
  • Sports & Recreation Centres
  • Camp Grounds
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • High Use & Abuse Areas
  • General Interior Linings
  • Health Facilities

Technical & Aesthetic Features

Boasting scratch and wear protection along with stain, moisture, graffiti and impact resistant properties, DuraPlan’s wall panels are extremely durable and functional. Complemented by a 10 year warranty, there is no better range to choose from. 
Made for demanding environments, these innovative panels are also resistant against disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, food juices and dyes, making them the ideal addition to public and leisure areas. This long-lasting style can withstand rough treatment, while maintaining their original look. 
With options in suede, gloss, anti-fingerprint, decorative and write-on finishes, the DuraPlan wall panel collection is extensive. Catered to any branding and aesthetic, your wall panels can be completed in solid colours, patterns, decorative and digital patterns, perfect for matching any existing or new build. 
Providing mechanical and stylish features, DuraPlan’s range of DuraLam is a self-supporting wet wall panels that offers a clean and uninterrupted look with a minimal design. 

What is DuraLam?

Delivering performance and excellence, the range of DuraLam wall panels are an innovative and durable addition to your building. Made from thermosetting resins, homogeneously, reinforced with cellulose fibres that are manufactured under high pressure and temperature, these compact laminate panels come in 3mm and 6mm. 
With anti-bacterial, impact and moisture-resistant properties, DuraLam is tough but won’t wear badly. The dependable material’s surface is non-porous and easy to clean with simple water and soap or general household cleaners. 
Robust and cost-effective, DuraLam has a strong resistance to organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, xylene and the like. Ideal for high use areas and demanding locations, especially wet spaces, these tough panels are perfect for bathrooms but can also be used in any dry area. Some DuraLam panels also offer fire protection (NZBC C/AS2 – AS7) for an added safety feature. 
These panels are beautiful in appearance and exceptional in performance, plus they’re easy to install with DuraPlan.

Why DuraPlan?

Leaders in commercial bathroom solutions, DuraPlan service a multitude of establishments including education, corporate, hospitality, leisure and health care markets. Putting our customers at the forefront of our business, we utilise what the client wants. We put our creative and talented team together with architects and builders to deliver outstanding results while maximising value. Get in touch today for more information on our wall panelling solutions.