Buying Guide to Bathroom Vanities

A well-designed commercial bathroom only requires a few key elements to create a modern appearance that feels clean, the most important piece falling towards your bathroom vanity. Vanities will essentially dictate your space, creating a focal piece in your bathroom. If you’re looking for a new bathroom vanity NZ wide, it’s important to consider a few details to ensure that your vanity not only looks great but functions well in your commercial space.  

Bathroom Vanity Styles

Bathroom vanities come in two main styles; freestanding or built in. Freestanding vanities are preferred in smaller bathroom spaces, their floating design working to open up the feel of your bathroom and offering a more modern look. Built-in vanities are better for larger spaces with higher traffic levels, offering more storage and countertop space. 
Outside of these two main styles there is also a range of smaller considerations to acknowledge including colour and finish, storage, wood type and size. 
The colour and finish of your vanity not only depends on the interior style of your building and bathroom but also the function of these various materials. With options like glass, metal and wood usually available in white, black and warm neutral tones these options all have differing appearances that will create a different finish and have various cleaning requirements. 

Space Considerations

The size of your space will also dictate the extent and style of your vanity. You’ll need to consider not only the size of the bathroom at hand but the traffic and demand of your bathroom to ensure that you have ample vanities to keep up with all users. 
Another crucial aspect to your decision will be dependent on your commercial space. A shopping centre or hospital for instance will require multiple vanities that can cater to the large volume of people moving in and out. Spaces that offer unisex bathrooms will also have a larger list of details that need to be met in order to provide a bathroom that can cater to all sexes and orientations.  

Our Duralam Range

Our range of Duralam bathroom vanities is a tough and waterproof range focused on functionality. Utilising high-grade materials our vanities work in accordance with NZ standards with the choice of solid grade laminate tops, under unit panels and matching cubicles to ensure a consistent design. 
Our Duralam vanities also use an antibacterial compact laminate panels, which works to eliminate the growth of nearly 99% of bacteria on any of our surfaces. This is not only the most advanced and protective laminate in New Zealand but the world over.

Duraplan NZ Know Bathrooms

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