Solve Common Problems with Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers offer a high-spec appearance and low-touch restroom experience. For many years, walk-in showers have been a popular solution and a workable alternative to shower cubicles NZ-wide.

Among their many benefits, walk-in showers are excellent for small bathrooms, thanks to their ability to fit into almost any space; are accessible and wheelchair friendly; are easy to clean; and offer a sleek minimalistic design that can be customised for any project. 

However, opting for walk-in showers can still feel like something of a risk. Design blunders can easily make walk-in showers unusable, and their “openness” can be off-putting for some users. 

In this blog, the team at Duraplan NZ have put together a list of some of the most common walk-in shower design problems and how you can avoid these issues, so you can utilise walk-in showers in your next project. 

Showerhead Problems in Walk-In Showers

It’s easy to get lost in the details of the shower design and forget one of the most important things: the showerhead! What type and where it’s positioned is going to determine where the water goes. That means your showerhead is the difference between a well working shower and one where the water goes all over the floor or straight into your face! Rain heads are a fantastic option because they keep the water directed down at the floor. That said, splashing water is inevitable in a shower room, so it also helps to have appropriate wall-panelling that is strong, self-supporting, and moisture resistant. 

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Users Feel Exposed in Walk-In Showers

Clear glass partitions look beautiful, but they do nothing for privacy. Similarly, totally open designs, or walk in showers that are open at each end, are not going to afford the user any privacy. This might be ok for showers in front of a swimming pool or beach intended for a quick rinse, but for real showers this might be a bit too exposed. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions that can strike a balance between an open plan design and much needed privacy. Partitioning and screens can be used around walk-in showers to provide discretion while also offering somewhere to place bag holders and hooks. 

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Walk-In Shows and Puddle Control

In any bathroom design, good water drainage and puddle control is high on the priority list. However, when it comes to commercial bathroom Vanity, water and puddle management is even more important because of the OH&S risk of slips and falls. To eliminate this problem, ensure that your shower base or floor is sloped and waterproofed, so that your water flows away from the main walking areas and into the drains. You could also invest in waterproof lockers to help keep personal belongings secure and dry.

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