Introducing Wall Panels for Healthcare

A hospital with an institutional feel is now a thing of the past. Today, patients have the expectation of receiving healthcare in comfortable surroundings, especially if they are going to have a long stay.

Hospitals recognise the important connection between someone’s environment and healing. Patient experience is a driver of better health outcomes, particularly when it comes to generalised “well-being” and a sense of being cared for and experiencing something familiar or home-like. It is now widely understood that a hospital’s physical environment can maximize a patient’s innate healing process.

However, if we think about things that lend to the institutional feel of healthcare settings, it is often the walls of the building itself that can feel most stark. Cold, medical-grade wall materials tend to feel un-welcoming and look unfamiliar, giving rise to an environment that is alarming for the patient.

To ensure that patients feel comfortable, without losing any of the adaptive benefits of a medical environment, Duraplan have developed the Medi-Panel system. The Medi-Panel system is where healthcare and design connect, with the power to heal.

What are Healthcare Wall Panels?

Healthcare wall panels nz are typically used to conceal healthcare services within patient areas, so that the environment isn’t overly medicalised or institutional in appearance. However, healthcare wall panels shouldn’t just serve to conceal medical instrumentation – they should also add functional and aesthetic value.

What’s Unique About Medi-Panels by Duraplan?

The Medi-Panel is made from 13mm compact laminate panels, purpose designed and manufactured to not only conceal healthcare services at the patient’s location, but to connect these services in a way that is convenient for healthcare professionals.

Being a prefabricated system, the Medi-Panel is fast to install and reconfigure, perfect for the needs of a rapidly evolving environment.

Medi-Panel promote the patient recovery process through aesthetically familiar and attractive design, while also being made of a flexible and robust material, with medical-grade finishing suitable for healthcare standards and cleaning.

By replacing the need for fixed joinery, the wall-mounted system provides flexible power and data, lighting, communications, and medical gas terminals. Additional services can also be added easily without major disruption.

Duraplan Knows Healthcare

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