Pre-fitted Hardware that Saves You Time & Hassle Onsite

At DuraPlan we’re builders at heart, we know that pre-fitted hardware can take a huge stress and time factor away from your job site. Like joinery furniture that is readily available in pre-assembled models, we strive to provide pre-fitted options for bathroom hardware that will save you time and money. Which is exactly why when we dispatch our hardware all our systems are pre-fitted to provide you with an easy installation.  Today we’ll be going over just why these pre-fitted hardware solutions are a great option to save you time on your current work project. 

What is Pre-Installed Hardware?

Pre-install hardware is simply when hardware like hinges, door closers, locks, electrified hardware, and flat goods are installed onto their doors before arriving on your job site. 

This doesn’t mean that the doors and bathroom hardware will be completely assembled, as that would take up too much space to transport. Pre-installed means that our hardware will be packaged with all the spacers, screws and corner guards already installed with the specific hardware item. This will save you time with tricky and small attachments and screws, saving time and money on your jobsite. 

What are the Benefits of Opting for Pre-fitted Hardware?

The most noticeable benefit of ordering pre-fitted hardware for your worksite is the amount of time saved and problems avoided on-site. Job Sites can be a pretty chaotic place at times, with multiple tradies running around and rushing to complete their jobs on time so others can come in. This fast-paced setting can easily lead to mistakes and misplaced items or screw pieces from your own hardware. 

Pre-fitted hardware can eliminate any storage needs or considerations that may be needed. You won’t have to worry about finding a replacement screw or losing anything with it all being taken care of by our team of manufacturers. All that’s left for you to do is install the door or hardware piece right into the spot it’s meant to be, simple!  Ordering pre-fitted hardware can also prevent the occurrence of damage. As most hardware-like doors and cabinets would be delivered closer to the finish date of your site, it would normally mean that the pieces would become more susceptible to damage from being left on the jobsite. If you order pre-fitted pieces its means you can push the delivery right until you need to install it, no extra time to assemble the piece will be needed, once it’s delivery all you need to do is to get your team in and screw it all into place.  

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