Wood in the Washroom: A Cleaner Finish

Washroom, bathroom, toilet – whatever you want to call it, we all spend a significant amount of time in the room with the porcelain throne. 
A space coveted for its privacy, a quality washroom deserves a refined finish for the occupant to feel comfortable and clean. Opting for a wooden veneer is fast becoming a popular choice by more and more homeowners and designers who want to bring the warm, calming effects of nature into the washroom. While no one particularly wants a wooden toilet; bench spaces and joinery furniture (i.e. cupboards and drawers) are becoming increasingly viable options for the washroom decor. 
Today, we explore a few things to consider before styling your washroom in a more natural fashion. So, if you’re looking to renovate your washroom and enjoy the earthy aesthetic of wooden decor – read on!

Things To Consider

Washrooms are full of water, heat, steam, and fluctuating temperatures. Because of this, wood has notoriously been a huge no-no in washroom decor due to its tendency to warp or become damaged under such circumstances – costing you greatly in the long run. 
However, there are ways you can still incorporate wood in the washroom and avoid the risk of costly water damage.

Wood Type

There are types of wood that are more susceptible to water damage than others. There are some varieties – like teak – that are highly resistant and have become more commercially available and affordable. Whereas more porous wood – like pine – cannot be used.

Plywood is also sought-after options for washroom joinery. Plywood has a wide spectrum of size and density, and for washrooms, we recommend looking for the most solid option. This reduces the potential risk of warping and water damage but it is also a cost-effective solution that will last many years to come.


Wood bathroom vanities have been around for a long time because the wood they’re made from undergoes extensive treatment to make it highly resistant to water exposure. As technology has advanced, these treatments are becoming widely available for wood you can use throughout your washroom cabinets, drawers, and even floors!


As people become increasingly interested in interior design, there has also been an increase in the willingness to care for the materials that make up the space. Regular maintenance can go a long way towards preserving your wooden decor. To best maintain its glorious sheen and unique textures, we recommend frequent cleaning using a clean cloth with warm water mixed with regular white vinegar.


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