Western Springs Stadium

Sports & Recreation

  • Location | Western Springs, Auckland
  • Owner | Regional Facilities Auckland
  • Builders | Argon Construction
  • Scope of Works:
    • 122 x Toilet Cubicle Partitions
    • 782m2 of Compact Laminate Wall Panelling

Just 3 kilometers from downtown Auckland, the natural amphitheater Western Springs hosts crowds up to 55,000 for concerts and festivals. The renewal works at Western Springs Stadium encompassed the construction of two new amenity blocks and a new entry gate building to provide upgraded facilities for the various events at Western Springs. Working alongsideĀ Argon Construction, the Duraplan team enjoyed supplying and installing the Cubicle Partitioning in our ‘Urban Flush Front Range’ and the Wall Panelling in our ‘Duralam Range’.