Flush Out Vandalism: Ways to Deter This Unwanted Behaviour in Your Commercial Restroom

Toilet vandalism is an issue that many businesses struggle with. It uses up a considerable amount of time for their maintenance crews to keep toilets clean, especially if it happens over and over again. It results in additional operational costs that could have otherwise been spent on other aspects of the business.

Some business owners resort to stationing guards in the toilets, while others put up CCTV cameras near the restrooms to prevent vandalism. But there are more practical ways to deter this unwanted behaviour.

Use chalkboard paint for bathroom walls

More and more commercial businesses have turned to using chalkboard paint for their bathroom walls and providing customers with a supply of chalk in a range of fun colours. This is both a creative and cost-effective solution. Once the walls are filled with writing and drawings, all your cleaning crew has to do is erase them.

In addition, various doodles and texts around the bathroom walls give your business a fun, adventurous image. If this fits your branding, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start creating a graffiti-friendly restroom.

Consider a labyrinth entrance

With a labyrinth entrance, you have a turning hallway instead of a door for a restroom’s entryway. It helps deter vandalism as the sounds of destructing or scratching bathroom walls can be noticed by those outside the restroom. This helps eliminate the secrecy that most vandals hide behind.

Also, without a door swinging or banging, vandals have no idea whether security personnel is coming. With the risk of getting caught, people are less likely to attempt acts of vandalism.

Select materials that are virtually indestructible

Commercial washroom fit outs

There is a reason stainless steel bathroom fixtures are often used in prisons. They can withstand most abuse that is thrown at them. But cold, steel fixtures may not necessarily leave the best impression on staff, customers or guests.

If you want materials that are resistant to graffiti, scratches, heat and impact, consider compact laminate. It is resistant to vandalism because of its smooth surface and if it is vandalised, it’s fairly easy to clean. It is also nonporous and resistant to microbes, making it suitable for environments with high humidity. Here at Duraplan, it is our choice of material for bathroom vanity and other fixtures.

Compact laminate panels come in a range of colours and sizes. You can have them customised to fit the space and design of your existing commercial restroom. They are also long-lasting and easy to maintain, keeping the restroom in your cafe, restaurant, shop or office looking good and clean for years.

A clean, vandalism-free restroom encourages positive feelings in customers about your business, especially if you’re in the hospitality or service industry. It sends out a message that you care for every detail — important when you’re trying to build trust.

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