Understanding Compact Laminate for Commercial Use

Installing partitions is the solution for privacy in commercial bathrooms. However, the daily demands of such frequented facilities can easily compromise the durability of the partitions used for toilets or showers. For durable partitions in commercial W.C.s or shower cubicles they must be made from quality material. Bathroom partitions are subject to damage over time, especially when they are installed in high use environments. Identifying which material to use, not only allows you to visualize what the finish look will be, but will also provide much greater certainty around how long to expect the partitions to last for.
Here is a guide to why compact laminate panels are a great choice for toilet cubicles and shower partitions.
Compact laminate panels are made from multi layers of kraft paper which are coated in a resin and them bound together through extreme pressure and heat—This creates the solid phenolic core, which is remarkably strong and is often referred to as “bullet proof.” Those panels are the best option for all wet and dry areas with high traffic like restaurants, sports venues, military facilities and community centres.
Strong and simple
Projects which opt for using the compact laminate panels for their toilet and shower partitioning requirements have much greater chance of lasting longer than any other material option. The test of time has proven that compact laminate panels by far outstrip any other similar materials for such applications.
Unlike most other options, which may require special treatment or chemicals to treat it once in a while, compact laminate needs no maintenance. Nor will you need any special type of chemical to keep them clean. You just clean them with a wipe and basic cleaning liquid when you need to.
Clean and Clear
The Duraplan Compact laminate panels are nonporous and are also resistant to microbes, meaning it’s the perfect material to use in places that are wet and/or always prone to high humidity. Not only does this make our compact laminate panels ideal for partitions and shower partitions, but also kitchens, laboratory benches and much more.
Vandalism is something which, unfortunately, commercial building owners must take into consideration. Compact laminate panels are also strongly resistant to graffiti.
Choosing the right make
It’s important to bear in mind that not all solid phenolics are of the same quality. The Duraplan bathroom and toilet partitions are made to the highest quality where they meet and exceed the most demanding testing standards in the industry—including the latest ESN:438 testing. Furthermore, our team can ensure you receive the best service from creation to installation, giving you peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.
Source your partitions from a trusted industry leader.
At Duraplan you can expect a comprehensive range of commercial restroom solutions. Our experienced team of specialists can assist you all your toilet and cubicle partitioning, wall paneling, bench seating, vanity and locker requirements. We have worked with architects, designers, contractors and builders throughout New Zealand and supplying them with the highest quality products for projects across all industries.
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