How Bathrooms Make or Break Businesses


Cleanliness has a very powerful impact on commercial establishments. How you maintain your premises can attract or repel customers. It is understandable that you, as a business owner, can get carried away by the heavier matters of running a business; you end up placing less importance on small details, such as your office’s restroom maintenance.

You Can Risk Losing Your Customers

An untidy, foul-smelling restroom may not only turn off your customers but actually keep them from coming back and doing business with you. One study from Cintas, a US-based company that provides specialised commercial services, found that a majority of customers will avoid returning to a business with a dirty restroom.

In restaurant settings, customers who have an unpleasant restroom experience will complain to the manager, tell their friends about their experience, post about it online, and will likely never return.

Apart from the general unkemptness of the restroom, customers also dislike other discomforts such as empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers, clogged or unflushed toilets, doors that do not lock and the lack of soap and water.

Growing Your Business with a Clean Restroom

Although it sounds far-fetched, the cleanliness of the restroom and the entire establishment can significantly influence your business’ growth. A research study from the University of Alberta in Canada explained that humans naturally associate restroom maintenance with the company’s quality of service.

It makes sense to assume that if you dedicate a portion of your business’ daily routine to the regular maintenance of your restroom, people will believe that you put the same amount of care and effort to customer care and service. Businesses with clean restrooms are more likely to bring positive customer reinforcement and drive more sales, which is why having a clean and pleasant restroom can definitely give you a competitive edge.

A Competitive Edge with Innovative Bathroom Solutions

Make your commercial bathroom clean and presentable with impressive bathroom wall partitions and panels from Duraplan.

Our very own DuraLam Wall Panelling system has a proven track record of excellence. Made from thermosetting resins and homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres, our bathroom wall system provides a durable, self-supporting structure.

Our wall panel system has high resistance to scratches, stains, moisture and graffiti, which allows you easy and effortless maintenance.

A Leader in Commercial Restroom Solutions

Duraplan has been a leader in providing innovative commercial restroom solutions for the education, corporate and healthcare sectors. Apart from durable wall panels, we also supply and install changing room cubicles, bench seating and charming bathroom vanities. We offer a complete commercial restroom fit-out that equips your property with sleek designs and high-quality materials.

We work closely with our clients so we can provide you with solutions that fit your specific requirements and specifications. From giving you the best advice to providing you with aftersales assistance, we work with you at every step of the way.

Partner with us on your next project. For all your commercial bathroom requirements, contact us today.

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